Rebuilt Alcatel 2021i
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Rebuilt Alcatel 2021i

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  • Sold with a 6 month warranty
  • REBUILT Alcatel Adixen Analytical 2021I 2021 I Dual Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump is specially designed for analytical instrument applications such as: Mass Spectometers, GC/MS, LC/MS, Electron Microscopes and Residual Gas Analyzers. Thanks to a very simple and highly reliable design, the Alcatel Adixen 2021I 2021 I dual stage rotary vane vacuum pump provides great performance with high pumping stability. Used for light gases, they produce low noise with minimal oil backstreaming, and have a long operating life. These Alcatel Adixen 2021I 2021 I vacuum pumps have a pumping speed displacement of 14.6 CFM. This Alcatel Adixen 2021I 2021 I dual stage rotary vane vacuum pump is REBUILT and comes with 6 month warranty from purchase date. Oil, parts and accessories for this pump are available on this website. We also offer rebuild and repair services for this and all Alcatel pumps. 

Tips on maintenance:

  • Change oil when pump has been running for 30 minutes to warm up the oil in the pump for long-lasting performance
  • Change oil frequently especially if not utilizing cold-trap
  • Evacuate all oil from both oil case and pump by first emptying the oil case, then screwing the oil drain port back on, turn the pump back on for 5 seconds, and re open the drain port and empty the rest of the vacuum oil out


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