710 workshop - Hosted by Xtractor Pros


 Do you have questions on short path distillation? Our resident expert @xtractorpros will be hosting a workshop on July 10th @ 11am. Come by to learn how to properly set up and use your kit. ALSO, in celebration of 710 we're offering 10% off all Turnkey Modular Path 1 (MP1) kits (click here for more info)


11:00am - Welcome

  • Find seats

11:15am -  Welcome to Xtractor Depot

  • Introduction to Chris and XtractorPros 
  • Introduction to MP1 and theory behind the original design

11:30am - Things to know BEFORE buying a short path 

  • Pre-Processing required to make short path distillation run smoothly 
  • Equipment used in these processes 
  • Anatomy of a short path 

11:45am - Distillation basics

  • What are fractions? 
  • How does vapor move through a short path? Laminar vs Turbulent flow 
  • Co-distillation and why it happens 
  • Xtractor Depot Mantle Function
  • Xeno Vacuum pump maintenance procedure 

12:00pm - MP1 Standard kit Assembly

  • The theory behind standard short path operation 
  • MP1 anatomy and assembly procedure 
  • Vacuum testing prior to loading, after assembly!

 12:30pm - MP1 Hot Pass kit Assembly

  • The theory behind “hot pass” and selective condensing
  • MP1 anatomy and assembly procedure (greasing, proper angles, proper clamping, proper heater/chiller connections)
  • Proper use of reject condenser
  • The theory behind the use of multiple pumps
  • Cold trapping required in a hot pass setup

 1:00pm - Q & A Session

  • Open floor for any questions regarding the actual process or current workflow
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