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Enhance your lab’s efficiency with the newly designed, highly optimized Thermaflow. Upgrade now to get faster and more precise short path runs, leading to a purer product in less time.

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More Than Just Media

Xtractor Depot is a proud distributer of Media Bros products. It’s more than just filtration media—it’s art and science combined. Here’s what makes Media Bros a cut above the rest:

How is all this possible? Media Bros products have an innovative formula that comes ready-to-use—no packing or baking required. Its granular consistency means faster flow rates and no clogging. Best of all, Media Bros filtration media lets you pull only the chlorophyll and phenolic resins, leaving the most terpenes in your product.

See Why People Love Media Bros 

“Recently went to Xtractor Depot in need of a solution for some product that I was testing...Decided to go with the CRX from Media Bros. It took the smoke out of the product and so far have had successful results.” 

“CRX worked as advertised, it helped remove dark color from my processing biomass with hydrocarbons.” 

Extract With the Best of the Best

Xtractor Depot has long been an industry leader. We provide only the highest quality products and services. And Media Bros filtration media is no exception. Whether you go with CRX™ or CRY™, you can rest assured that the result will be a superior product. 

Media Bros


Color Remediation Filtration Media

Media Bros


Color Remediation Filtration Media

Media Bros


Color Remediation Filtration Media

Not sure which one you need? Give us a call—we’d love to help!

How It Works

Using Media Bros is easy! Without the usual steps of baking and packing, your processes will become quicker and easier than ever. 

Pour Media Bros filtration media into your color remediation column. 

Let your extract pass through the column.

Collect the finished product.

A Superior Product Starts Here

Get the high-performance media you need. 

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