Distilled Excellence

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Thermaflow Short Path Distillation System

Enhance your lab’s efficiency with the newly designed, highly optimized Thermaflow. Upgrade now to get faster and more precise short path runs, leading to a purer product in less time.

See the Results You Want

Get Purer Product.

Once you use Thermaflow, you’ll be hooked. It properly co-distills head and body fractions, separating them based on temperature to greatly improve the quality of your product.

Dramatically Shorten
Run Times.

Its new and improved design allows for faster run times by effectively co-distilling and decreasing clogging issues in the cold trap receiving flask.

Experience Greater Separation Ability.

Not only does it run like magic, but this kit offers versatility. It gives users the choice to run a vacuum-insulated or oil-heated head for increased separation ability. 

Featuring Premium Pieces Built To Last

The Thermaflow Short Path Distillation Glassware Kit features hand-blown, tempered glass from Fusion Glassworks and all-around high-quality materials for safety and longevity.

Boiling Flask

4” O-ring flange helps with cleaning and easy assembly

Thermaflow Head

4” flange allows for quick and efficient vapor flow, while anti-climb sections keep tail fractions down. Featuring a removable Vaporwell for more efficient separation and cleaning. Includes an extra-long condenser with S-bar for increased condensing efficiency. Jacket can be run with vacuum insulation or oil-heated.

Vacuum Take Off

Newly designed, it allows for improved vacuum depth by moving the valve out of the vapor pathway. The valved design allows for unlimited receiving flask swaps during the run. Included reject condenser will condense the heads from a Hot Pass run, so they can fall into the cold trap in an organized manner, preventing a clogged cold trap receiving flask.

Cold Trap

The new cold finger design features increased surface area and is angled to complement the rest of the system perfectly. Includes a 45/50 receiving flask to avoid any clogging issues.

Achieve Distilled Excellence

Give your lab the upgrade it needs with the new Thermaflow system. With more power and versatility, this is a distillation kit you don’t want to miss out on.