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10mL Indica Isolated Terpene Blend

Extract Consultants

10mL Indica Isolated Terpene Blend

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  • 10ml Indica Isolated Terpene Blend 
  • Extract Consultants line of All Natural Terpene Blends are here! The people have demanded it, and they are here to provide it. This is a pre-blended solution of Indica terpene compounds that are intended to be used as an all natural terpene diluent. Designed to be added back to your end material at rates between 0.5% to 4.0%. This is to insure that you maintain your products high quality standards while still providing enough improvement to the viscosity of the end product. Extract Consultants Terpene Blends are the easiest ready to use solution on the market. Take your beautiful refined material, add a little natural essence back and give your products a repeatable and controlled effect!  For more information on blending see their How to Use page.
  • The terpene focal points in their Indica Blend are heavy on Linalool and Myrcene. This blend is very floral and woody, with strong notes of anise and lavender, representing the true tranquil, aromatic feeling one should expect in a heavy Indica profile.

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