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Short Path Distillation Turn Key Kit

Xtractor Depot

Short Path Distillation Turn Key Kit

$ 16,000.00

Xtractor Depot is excited to bring you the most efficient short path distillation system on the market! We are excited to be the first company to bring a modular short path head design, grease-free o-ring seals, vacuum take off adapter, and the first company to use a full bore vacuum pathway on a short path system. When it comes to short path technology, we set the highest bar!

Options available in 2L, 5L, 12L, 22L!

All kits are fully inclusive of everything you will need to begin working as soon as you receive your package! Don't waste your time figuring out what you're missing or what you need to get going! 

Kit includes the following:

Glassware Kit

  • Boiling flasks
  • Xtractor Depot Modular Short Path Distillation Head 
  • Single Port Distribution Adapter with beaded pipe 
  • Vacuum Take Off Adapter with beaded pipe 
  • Receiving flasks 
  • Powder Funnel 
  • Thermo adapter/well 

Cold Trap Kit 

  • Dry Ice Cold Trap

     with beaded pipe
  • Lab Stand 
  • Clamp accessories and clips 
  • Receiving flask 

    Vacuum Pump Kit 

    • Alcatel 2021i Vacuum pump 
    • Digital Vacuum Gauge 
    • Oil Mist Filter 
    • Accessories & Fittings 
    • Vacuum Pump oil 

    Additional Accessories 

    • Bellows Hosing 
    • Beaded pipe couplings 
    • Custom Manifold 
    • Clamps & Stands 
    • Stirbars 
    • Safety Gear 
    • Denatured Alcohol 



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