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Buchi V-100 0.9 cfm Chemical-Resistant Pump w/ Vacuum Controller


Buchi V-100 0.9 cfm Chemical-Resistant Pump w/ Vacuum Controller

$ 3,550.00

  • The Buchi V-100 is an economical and highly chemical-resistant diaphragm pump with a space saving design. It covers essential needs in vacuum generation. On/off regulated by the Buchi interface I-100, it is optimally suited to work with Rotavapor R-100. The ready to use pump will be delivered with a silencer and 6.5 feet of vacuum tubing. These rotavapor systems are made in Switzerland with two-year warranty directly from Buchi Corporation.
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  • Features of the I-100 Vacuum Controller

    • Designed for essential applications
    • Automatic On/Off function
    • Adjusts and keeps pressure stable within hysteresis
    • Simultaneous display of set and actual pressure values
    • Pressure settings and aeration is managed with buttons
    • Automatic overpressure prevention
    • Absolute pressure gauge and sensor made from aluminum oxide
  • Features of the V-100 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump


    • Effective vacuum source for limited budgets
    • Totally oil free operation, low maintenance
    • Small footprint saves valuable laboratory space
    • Useable for multiple applications: Evaporation, drying and concentration, suction straining and filtration


    • Light weight and compact design with integrated carrying handle
    • High up time due to low maintenance
    • Accurate vacuum regulation thanks to optional interface
    • Delivered with a silencer


    • Highly chemical resistant thanks to use of quality materials
    • Robust construction, but a light weight and compact design with integrated carrying handle
    • Eccentric module lets the PTFE diaphragm move strictly axial, which increases durability
    • Maximum longevity due to:
      • Robust and stable design
      • Integrated ECO2 mode automatically activated after 1 hour, reducing capacity and stress on the pump, extending its life

    More product details on Buchi.com

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