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Chem Drain Valve


Chem Drain Valve

$ 162.20

  • This is a replacement part for the Vacuum Trap, Solvent Vapor, Plastic Coated, Chem-Drain 
  • The unique design of the Chem-Drain valve incorporates a PTFE plunger that allows the contents of the flask to drain directly through the bore of the plunger (B). When closed, the tip of the PTFE plug seals into the lower radius of the flask (A) avoiding the dead space normally associated with standard stopcock drains. This feature permits total mixing and drainage of the contents of the flask. This Chem Drain is 6mm. This dimension refers to the straight section of the plunger (B). When open, the contents of the flask drain through three openings into the main bore of the plug. Lower portion of the plunger (C)
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