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Diamond 2L Turn Key Kit

Xtractor Depot

Diamond 2L Turn Key Kit

$ 13,472.65

Xtractor Depot's 2L Diamond Kit


  • XD Custom V8 USA Made Mantle with Insulating Top & Vacuum Controller 
  • Polyscience 7L Heated Circulator -MX07H135-A11B
  • Alcatel 2021i Vacuum Pump 
  • DigiVac Bullseye Precision Digital Vacuum gauge + Manifold 
  • Custom USA Made Glassware by Mike Gnann 
    • (2) 2L Boiling Flask 
    • (2) 250mL Receiving Flask 
    • (2) 500mL Receiving Flask 
    • (2) 1000mL Receiving Flask
    • (2) 2000mL Receiving Flask 
    • 24/40 150mm Powder Funnel 
    • XD Monocow
    • XD Custom Vacuum Take Off Adapter 
    • XD Glass Cold Trap + 500mL Flask + 24/40 Keck clip
    • XD Custom Vig Column 24/40 
    • XD Custom Removable Condenser 
    • 14/20 Thermowell Insert
    • 24/40 Thermowell 
    • Pennyhead Hollow Stopper 14/20 #7 
  • Boss Head clamp, chain clamp, universal clamp, boss head clamp with ring, O-Ring Clamp (2)
  • Safety Protection 
  • (2) Vacuum Hosing 10ft
  • Lab Stand + Pole 
  • Lab Scissor Jack 
  • Stir bars, (2pks) Keck Clips, Stir Bar retriever
  • KF25 Adapter +Fitting
  • Vacuum Grease 0.5oz 
  • Oil Mist Filter 
  • 5g Vacuum Pump Oil 
  • 5g Denatured Alcohol 


One year warranty on XD V8 Custom Mantle with XD, Polyscience Heated Circulator with Polyscience. 6 months limited warranty on Alcatel 2021i with XD

Please Note: Glassware DOES NOT have warranties. Glassware may have minute blemishes that will not affect the function. If you believe there are imperfections on your glassware, please contact us. We check all our inventory once we receive them and make sure no defective glassware is sent to our customers. 

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