Thermaflow - Short Path Kit - Turnkey System - 5L, 12L, 22L
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Thermaflow - Short Path Kit - Turnkey System - 5L, 12L, 22L

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Distilled Excellence

Save time and effort with our new proprietary design.

Thermaflow represents the very best in short path distillation. Utilizing “hot pass” technology and an innovative head design, Thermaflow can collect “body” and “head” fractions simultaneously, shaving hours off your processing time. If making high-quality distillate in a fraction of the time sounds appealing, Thermaflow is the right choice for you.
  • Hot-pass feature allows for the collection of “body” and “head” fractions simultaneously. 
  • New head design!
    • Optimized head height and width
    • Anti-climb feature prevents unwanted fractions from climbing the head.
    • Vapor diffusion technology keeps the process flowing.
    • Alembic design keeps undesirable vapors from passing the head.
  • 2L+/hr of body fraction.
  • Oil heated distillation head allows you to control the rate of reflux.
  • New head design that encourages speed while maintaining purity.
  • Utilizes “Hot Pass” technique for increased potency.
  • Quick and simple 10-15min assembly time.
  • New condenser design allows for more efficiency.
  • Made in-house, at our flagship location in Los Angeles.

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