Meet the Xtractor Depot Team

 Xtractor Depot, LLC is a leading innovator in providing state-of-the-art systems, supplies and services. Our company specializes in providing quality lab necessities and extraction equipment, all to help our customers reach their full potential. Xtractor Depot carries closed loop systems, laboratory glassware and much more.

Beginning in 2016, Xtractor Depot realized something was missing in the industry. Although there were many industrial equipment suppliers, very few acquired the understanding and fundamentals of the equipment they provided.

With this in mind, Xtractor Depot strived to aim beyond simply being another supplier. Not only do we serve as the one-stop-shop for all essential tools and supplies for your processing needs, but we also focus diligently on customer assistance. This means we serve as an expert in the field, providing educational and additional resources regarding our products and services.

Systems, Supplies & Services

Through providing superior customer service, exuding meticulous attention to detail, having respect for our clients and building our team with knowledgeable staff members, Xtractor Depot dominates the extraction industry. Since the launch, Xtractor Depot has expanded, opening in multiple locations around nationwide, including two offices in Southern California and one office opening in Oklahoma City 2022. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for emerging markets, processing, health and research industries.