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125mm Qualitative Filter Papers125mm Qualitative Filter Papers - Xtractor Depot
180mm Qualitative Filter Papers180mm Qualitative Filter Papers
110mm Qualitative Filter Papers110mm Qualitative Filter Papers - Xtractor Depot
240mm Qualitative Filter Paper240mm Qualitative Filter Paper
350mm Qualitative Filter Paper350mm Qualitative Filter Paper
Carbon Chemistry Activated Bentonite Clay T-5Carbon Chemistry Activated Bentonite Clay T-5
Save 32%
Carbon Chemistry Activated Bleaching Clay T-41Carbon Chemistry Activated Bleaching Clay T-41
Save 10%
Mag-Sil PR - Xtractor DepotMag-Sil PR - Xtractor Depot
Carbon Chemistry Mag-Sil PR
From $ 134.99 $ 150
Activated Hardwood CarbonActivated Hardwood Carbon
Save 0%
12" Stainless Steel Table Top Buchner Filter12" Stainless Steel Table Top Buchner Filter
9 Set Filtration Adapter - Büchner - Xtractor Depot
Diagram of Buchner Filtration KitFilter Papers for Buchner Filtration Kits
Filter Plate w/ Ring ComboFilter Plate w/ Ring Combo
Filtering Flasks - Xtractor Depot
Filtering Flasks
From $ 196.50
Porcelain Buchner Funnels - Xtractor Depot
Save 50%
Replacement PPN Hose Connetion Set for Filter Flasks - Xtractor Depot
1µm Sintered Disc1µm Sintered Disc
5µm Sintered Disc5µm Sintered Disc
Save 0%
Filter Column - Single Barrel - PT&AFilter Column - Single Barrel - PT&A
Filter Column - Double Barrel - PT&AFilter Column - Double Barrel - PT&A
Filter Column - Quad Barrel - PT&AFilter Column - Quad Barrel - PT&A

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