Why the MAKO?


300% FASTER than standard

short-path systems!!!


Achieve higher levels of purity than standard wiped-film systems

Return on $$$

Achieve ROI 5 times faster than with standard wiped-film systems.  


Industry Leading Tech Support from XtractorPros

attacking fractions with speed & precision

Custom Workout Plans

Custom MAKO head

• Achieve runs up to 6L/hr of body fraction

• Vacuum jacketed column   • 100mm flange

1:1 Personal Training

100mm Boiling Flask

• 100mm wide flange for high volume processing

• 24/40 Thermowell port

Custom Workout Plans

MAKO Cold Trap

• Ribbed for increased surface area

• 45/50 receiving flask to avoid clogging

1:1 Personal Training

Swing Arm

• Improved vacuum depths over traditional VTO's

• Secondary condenser to improve Cold Trap effictiency


training / consultation /

lab optimization / in-house glass repairs /

... and more

What People Say About MAKO

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