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Thermaflow is a newly designed, highly optimized, short path distillation system. If purer cannabinoids and quicker run times sound appealing then this is the system for you!

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The Titan Series Represents the New Standard in Closed Loop Technology

Featuring an IRC, newly redesigned solvent tanks, and complete with compression fittings, this is one line of products you won’t want to miss!

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Media Bros. Filtration Media Has Arrived!

We are THE master distributor for Media Bros. in Southern California. Shop their exclusive CRX™ and CRY™ Remediation Filtration Media right here at Xtractor Depot. Worldwide Shipping Available.

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Superior Value, Top-Notch Quality

Features low moisture content for less baking time, a resealable container
for easy storage, and 70-240 mesh for faster flow rates.

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XENO 10-Ton Industrial ChillerXENO 10-Ton Industrial Chiller on Sale
XENO 10-Ton Industrial Chiller
$ 19,999.99 $ 24,999.99
Save 20%
Xeno 2kW Immersion CirculatorImmersion Calculator for Alcohol Recovery
Save 50%
12" Stainless Steel Table Top Buchner for extraction filtrationInside View of 12" Stainless Steel Table Top Buchner Filtration Funnel
Save 60%
4" x 12" Tri-Clamp Spool4" X 24" Tri Clamp Spool
4" Tri-Clamp Spool
From $ 34.99 $ 87.50
Save 39%
4" Tri-Clamp Jacketed Spool4" Tri-Clamp Jacketed Sanitary Spool
4" Tri-Clamp Jacketed Spool
From $ 199.99 $ 330

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From $ 9,999.99