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Media Bros. Filtration Media Has Arrived!

We are THE master distributor for Media Bros. in Southern California. Shop their exclusive CRX™ and CRY™ Remediation Filtration Media right here at Xtractor Depot. Worldwide Shipping Available.

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Superior Value, Top-Notch Quality

Features low moisture content for less baking time, a resealable container for easy storage, and 70-240 mesh for faster flow rates.

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Save 60%
4" Tri-Clamp Spool4" Tri-Clamp Spool
4" Tri-Clamp Spool
From $ 34.99 $ 87.50
Save 39%
4" Tri-Clamp Jacketed Spool - Xtractor Depot4" Tri-Clamp Jacketed Spool - Xtractor Depot
4" Tri-Clamp Jacketed Spool
From $ 199.99 $ 330
Save 24%
Packing Hopper - Xtractor DepotPacking Hopper - Xtractor Depot
Packing Hopper
From $ 90.99 $ 119.99

New Arrivals

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Wash Bottles - Xtractor Depot
Wash Bottles
From $ 2.99
Save 47%
5µm Sintered Disc - Xtractor Depot5µm Sintered Disc - Xtractor Depot
5µm Sintered Disc
From $ 400 $ 750
Save 33%
Ultrasonic Cleaner - XENO - Xtractor DepotUltrasonic Cleaner - XENO - Xtractor Depot
Ultrasonic Cleaner - XENO
$ 10,000 $ 15,000

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