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Xtractor Depot is California’s largest supplier of essential extraction equipment and supplies. We provide the best selection of extraction supplies and short path distillation equipment. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is always available to answer any questions that you might have. Xtractor Depot has the equipment and know-how needed to help your business flourish.

At Xtractor Depot, all of our products and tested for quality assurance tailored to our customers' needs.

Whether you need a closed loop extraction system or a vacuum oven, you will find the right extraction equipment for your needs at Xtractor Depot.

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons to choose Xtractor Depot. We sell the highest quality extraction equipment available on the market. We test all of our vacuum ovens, rotary evaporators and closed loop extractors before selling them to ensure that they will perform effectively and efficiently.

At Xtractor Depot, we offer unparalleled customer services and technical support. Our entire professional customer service team is committed to ensuring that every customer is happy. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch equipment and supplies to a variety of industries. You will find that our equipment is more efficient than other extractors out there.

Come and Visit Us Today

For more information about our innovative extraction systems, contact Xtractor Depot today. Or visit one of our California locations to check out our selection of extraction equipment today. There, you will find more information about our closed-loop extraction systems, vacuum ovens and rotary evaporators.

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