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From our hands on experience as extractors and collaborating with industry experts, we pride ourselves in our ability to bring solutions that have been tested to bring efficient results! 

Phone-based consulting is complimentary with all DIY kits and turn-key systems for all Xtractor Depot clients!

On-site consulting and video-based consulting also available for hands-on and personal level of attention. 


  • Light hydrocarbon extraction with T.T.P. protocols
  • Short path distillation 
  • Dewaxing/Winterizing methods
  • Compliance and licensing
  • Fractional extraction and distillation
  • Product packaging
  • Solvent procurement
  • Cryogenic equipment and processes
  • Product marketing and branding
  • Product finishing techniques
  • Terpene isolation and re-injection

Our hands-on experience is second to none in this industry! With our experienced team of reps nationwide, Xtractor Depot will strive to fulfill all your needs!