Xtractor Depot has several wholesale opportunities to choose from when you become a distributor, reseller, or promotional partner. Please take a look at our featured products and opportunities below.



As the exclusive distributors for Media Bros CRX and CRY remediation powders in Southern California, we offer you the opportunity to take a look at the newest all-in-one remediation solutions. No need to bake or mix multiple powders. Welcome to the next generation of filtration media. 


Through our Element brand, Xtractor Depot offers food-grade Silica Gel with a faster flow rate than competitors at a fraction of the price. Featuring low moisture content and a resealable container to ensure continued freshness, this product comes ready to fly off your shelves.


Help your customers take their distillate to the next level with this line of all-natural premium terpenes from Xtractor Depot. Featuring zero additives and true, strain-specific flavor profiles, they represent a safe way to introduce terpenes into user end products.


We have equipment, hardware, consumables, and lab accessories palletized and ready for the right buyer. These pallets are excellent for resellers on eBay or other sales channels. Each has been itemized detailing the retail value of each item present and heavily discounted to facilitate quick liquidation.


Become a partner with Xtractor Depot and showcase our units in your brick and mortar location. Showroom opportunities are also available for partners at our Montebello and San Bernardino stores.


To partner with Xtractor Depot on any of the above opportunities, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you in a timely manner. Thank you for your interest.