22L MP1 Short Path Glassware Only+ Free Shipping
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22L MP1 Short Path Glassware Only+ Free Shipping

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Simple & Modular

• Vigreux Column and condenser are separated and connected by ball joint for adjustability.

• More Yield, Less waste. Tall head design shows separation between the fractions better.

• Big Bore = Faster runs

• Designed for every workflow and operation 2L, 5L, 12L and 22L

• Complete turn key kit Includes clamp, lattice structure and stainless steel table.

• Improved 1” BP coupling and adapters are made of 250°C Rated PTFE Teflon

25% Lifetime Repair Discount 

22L 3-neck Boiling Flask
22L 24/40 Thermowell
45/50 O-ring Stopper Plug
12/22L Jacketed Condenser
12/22L Jacketed Vigreux Column
12/22L 45/50 Vaporwell
12/22L Vacuum Takeoff
1" BP Cold Trap
24/40 500ml Receiving Flat Bottom
29/42 2L Receiving Flask Flat Bottom
#65 Pinch Clamp
#50 Pinch Clamp
1" to 1" PTFE Coupling
1" Beaded Pipe to KF25 Adapter
Horseshoe Clamp
PTFE for Heater with Hose Barb 3/8
45/50 Powder Funnel
25% Glass Repair Lifetime Discount
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