Duratherm S
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Duratherm S

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Silicon-Based. Premium Color Resistance and Shelf Life.

Duratherm S is ideal for applications such as negative pressure mold heaters, annealing tanks, open bath forming, or any processing equipment where oxidation is prevalent and problematic.
Duratherm S resists the effects of oxidation seen with most other heat transfer fluids. High-temperature stability is maintained to 315°C (600°F), this combined with a low end working temperature of -51°C (-60°F) also makes Duratherm S ideally suited for low-temperature applications, batch processing application requiring a single fluid for both heating and cooling.

• Superior oxidation resistance (virtually unaffected)
• Non-fouling - extremely long life
• Low odor
• Non-corrosive
• Non-hazardous
• Non-Toxic
• Extremely high working temperature 315°C (600°F)
• Extremely low working temperature -51°C (-60°F)

Duratherm S is a high performance, extremely stable, long-lasting silicone-based heat transfer fluid. Virtually unaffected by oxidation under 204°C (400oF), Duratherm S is perfect for use in a variety of applications requiring a safe, non-reportable, non-toxic and non-corrosive heat transfer fluid.

- Maximum temperature: 315°C / 600°F
- Flash-point 323°C / 615°F
- Highest Duratherm flash point
- Silicone-based fluid
- Great oxidation stability for open baths
- Non-toxic/non-hazardous
- Includes free fluid analysis and tech support


Maximum Bulk Temp. (Closed System) 315°C 600°F
Maximum Bulk Temp. (Open System) 204°C 400°F
Maximum Film Temp. 365°C 690°F
Pour Point ASTM D97 -66°C -87°F

Flash Point ASTM D92 323°C 615°F
Fire Point ASTM D92 335°C 636°F
Autoignition ASTM E-659-78 436°C 818°F

Thermal Expansion Coefficient 0.105 %/°C 0.055 %/°F
Thermal Conductivity W/m K BTU/hr F ft
-17°C / 0°F 0.142 0.082
38°C / 100°F 0.134 0.077
148°C / 300°F 0.118 0.068
260°C / 500°F 0.101 0.058
316°C / 600°F 0.093 0.054
Heat Capacity kJ/kg K BTU/lb F
-17°C / 0°F 1.611 0.385
38°C / 100°F 1.714 0.410
148°C / 300°F 1.921 0.461
260°C / 500°F 2.137 0.512
316°C / 600°F 2.246 0.537

Appearance: clear liquid, slight yellow tint
Viscosity ASTM D445
cSt at -51°C / -60°F 299.88
cSt at -18°C / 0°F 113.08
cSt at 40°C / 104°F 36.13
cSt at 149°C / 300°F 10.57
cSt at 260°C / 500°F 5.19
cSt at 316°C / 600°F 4.03
Density ASTM D1298 kg/m3 lb/ft3
38°C / 100°F 0.9486 59.23
260°C / 500°F 0.7668 47.88
316°C / 600°F 0.7209 45.01
Vapor Pressure ASTM D2879 kPa psi
38°C / 100°F 0.00 0.00
260°C / 500°F 1.83 0.26
316°C / 600°F 7.21 0.99
Distillation Range ASTM D2887 10% 494°C (922°F)
90% 679°C (1255°F)

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

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