Modular Path Jacketed Vigreux Column
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Modular Path Jacketed Vigreux Column

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  • MP2L - Jacketed Vigreux Column - 24/40 & 28/15 & 24/40
  • MP5L - Jacketed Vigreux Column - 24/40 & 35/25 & 45/50
  • MP12/22L - Jacketed Vigreux Column - 45/50 & 50/30 & 65/40
  • Custom Boiling Flask for Short Path Distillation
  • Made in USA
Xtractor Depot's Jacketed Column Features:
1. Wider/Taller column to utilize theoretical plates without the use of packing media or excessive Vigreux layers
2. Vacuum Jacketed to aid the insulation of distillation heat
3. Ball Joint for Condenser to allow for slight adjustments in the angle.
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